3 Reasons Not to Hire a Business Consultant

As a business executive, you are constantly stressed and overwhelmed with your business. With the great resignation, you’ve undoubtedly lost a lot of great talent. Meanwhile, the business landscape has only gotten MORE competitive. The goals are increasing, you are being asked to do more with less, your budget is being cut, your pets HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!! (I hope you get that reference…it’s not as morbid as it sounds.)

Sure, you’d love to hire a business consultant that can help you solve your problems and I’m going to tell you the 3 reasons you probably DON’T want to. What is this…anti sales?

1. It’s January. The budget was set in November for 2022. You don’t have $10,000’s of dollars lying around.

The SOW’s for business consultants are so complex: PowerPoints, deliverables, schedules, PowerPoints, KPI’s, best practices, and…did I mention PowerPoints? Then the price tag is enough to make you fall out of your chair. $750 an hour? With no guarantee? No thank you. Especially when you know the person doing the actual work either has an MBA where the ink is barely dry on the diploma, or an overseas worker making $12 an hour.

2. The last time you hired a Consultant, it was a big waste of time.

Hopefully, the last consultants I worked with aren’t reading this. Fingers crossed because it’s about to get real. We hired a group of Consultants from a HUGE firm that were going to double our savings goals for our sourcing group. That was the low end of the expectations they set, too! It took the department 14 years to get to this level, but sure, they were going to come in and double it in 6 months through advising us and they weren’t going to do any of the actual work.

Spoiler Alert…they didn’t.

Instead, they did what everyone doesn’t like about Consultants…they came in and talked to all the people doing the work, took notes for what they were working on, and regurgitated that back to leadership. It would have been more efficient if we just started broadcasting our project update meetings. Feathers were ruffled, unrealistic expectations were shared, and everyone ended up with more work to tell the consultants what to tell the leadership. It made me wish I were on their side…it’s much easier just doing status reports versus doing the actual work! And their suits looked awesome.

3. Everything is running smoothly as it is.

If you’re one of the lucky ones that has a good, symbiotic relationship with your boss, reasonable goals, and great workflows… then congratulations. I certainly hope that is the case. Having everything running smoothly can actually be a rut, though! Perhaps there is much more to be achieved that you don’t realize is lying right in front of you.

For the above reasons, I can understand why you’d hesitate to hire a consultant. I’ve been there (obviously). Let me counter these issues…even more briefly than they were brought up…

Budget: you don’t need a budget in order to hire Rhino Consulting Partners. We create our own budget by saving you money. You save the money FIRST, then you pay us a share of that. Our invoices are even GL-coded to hit the same areas that we saved you money, so you will ONLY see a reduction in costs. Period.

Time: We are consultants and will advise and help develop strategy, of course, but our sleeves are permanently rolled up. We are running calls, setting agendas, drafting RFP’s, redlining contracts, conducting savings analyses…we don’t just do the heavy lifting…we lift it all. You’re getting an outsourced work partner to help you achieve better results. So we don’t just give you a bunch of work to do…we take work OFF your plate and save you time.

Outcomes: Good can be the enemy of great. Our objective is to help you save money on your administrative expenses…and we’re good at it. We’ll save money at the levels you didn’t think were possible on things you already buy and will HAVE to buy. Meanwhile, your workflows will be improved and your skills and tools will improve. I’ll tell you how I do what I do! I’ll train your staff to negotiate and let them watch me do it. I’ll create a great savings spreadsheet and give you the Excel document. I’ll redline documents with their lawyers and tell you why I’m suggesting changes.

Rhino Consulting Partners is here to help your company reduce costs on administrative expenses. We have experience negotiating 1000’s of contracts in dozens of industries, with 100’s of vendors. You can be the beneficiary of this grand experience to help save money, time, and improve your company’s bottom line. The net savings you achieve with us will all hit your bottom line as profit. No COGS, overhead, or administrative costs that you’d have with an increase of sales. Pure profit.

Reach out to learn more. Fill out a form below and we’ll take it from there.

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